How to make links to Scientology & Dianetics books

There are innumerable situations, when talking on the Internet about Dianetics & Scientology, where you want to make a link to an appropriate Dianetics or Scientology book.  Perhaps you are a field staff member and want to make your own books site, or perhaps you want to make a website for your local Scientology organization or mission that lets people get books from the local bookstore.  

In each of these cases, there are features built in to the websites for Bridge Publications, New Era Publications and the bookstore sites of local Scientology Organizations which you should know about, that can let you make these links have the right behaviour based on your site.

Send them to the Correct Site for Your Organization:

There are individual websites that are in existence for every Scientology organization.  The link that you put onto your site or into your email determines where the books will be delivered from.   If you want the person to be able to go into their local Church of Scientology to pick up a book they order on the Internet, you want to make sure they order it from the right place.  

The part of the link that determines what publications organization or Church that the order goes to is the domain name — everything after the domain name is the same from org to org.  See this page for a list of all of the local church websites.

So, for example, if you see a book on the website that you want someone to order  from the local church in Orange County, California, here’s what you’d do: 

Take this page, as an example, for the Beginning Scientology Books:

To have the person order from the Orange County Church, you’d change the “” to “” — the site for Orange County.  Your link would then read:


Changing the Language or Currency:

Sometimes you want to send someone to a site, and specifically let them see it in Spanish or French, or perhaps you want to make sure that the prices all display in US Dollars or Euro.  You do this using the Locale code. 

You’ll see a locale code like “en_US” at the end of all our links, if you go to the site.  The first part of the locale code is always the ISO 639 code for language, and the second is the standard ISO code for the country.  i.e.: 

en_US = English / America
de_AT = German / Austria
es_VE = Spanish / Venezuela

…etc.  So, if you want to show Spanish text, yet have all of the prices display in U.S. Dollars, you could specify a link like this:


Analyze Your Success With Google Analytics

We have just released as a beta a new feature for our online affiliate program: Support for Google Analytics!

Ever wanted to track how many people click through from the links you create? Want to know how many sales your links are generating? Now you can.


Google Analytics will also track the sales conversions from the traffic you send using it’s E-Commerce options!


If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, they have ample material on their site on how to use their service. It’s free and provides detailed reports.

To get started, simply do the following:

  1. Create a Google Analytics Account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Take note of your account code, which starts with “UA-” and appears in the HTML that Google gives you to put on your web site.
  3. Log into your Scientology Online Affiliate Account and create one or more affiliate codes.
  4. Using the information provided on this site, create your links.
  5. At the end of your links, include the URL parameter “gaacct=UA-XXXXXX-XX” where the Xs are replaced by your Google Analytics Code. For example, if your Google Analytics code is “UA-123456-AB” and you have a link to the Dianetics Book and Oakland Lectures, your link would read: “”.

That’s it! Just append the “gaacct” parameter to your links and Google Analytics tracking is turned on for your tracking code for the remainder of the user’s browser session (meaning until he closes his browser or has a half an hour of inactivity).