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  1. Where’s my Affiliate page?

    How do I get to it?

    On the page it says

    Set up a personal Affiliate Page, to which you can direct anyone who needs Dianetics and Scientology books, and get a commission off of anything thus sold,

    But where is it?

  2. Sorry, that wasn’t clear in the initial instructions.

    Assuming your Affiliate ID is “websk8er”, your Affiliate page is at

    At this time, this page is a listing of the major packages, but in further releases this will be customizable so that you’ll be able to add in only those products which you want to have there. Various people deal primarily with widely varying public, so you may only want Italian Beginning books there, or may only want Audiobooks or packages.

    Once we get some more community feedback, we’ll be implementing some of those features.

  3. Oh I see.

    I noticed there was no Congresses package on that page. Any reason?

  4. I posted this reply in the How to Create Links article also.

    The url does not seem to be working. It brings up a search page with inappropriate links.

    I will be more than happy to help beta test this, I love the idea!


  5. Here is another suggestion. Have you considered creating banner adds we can publish on our web sites?

    It would be great to have a standard banner (468 X 60 pixels) and a wide skyscraper (160 X 600 pixels). I could then publish them and have them link to my fsm add-to-cart link.

    The first two I would like to have would be a Problems of Work ad and a Beginning Basics package ad.



  6. I am so glad you came out with this. My husband and I have been working on building a system where we can sell Scientology books…

    * build a relationship with our book buyers,
    * sell more books and stay in communication,
    * select them to services to their closest Org or Mission.
    * stay in touch with them as their FSM and help them on up the bridge.

    We are developing that contact system now and you have come out with this way to interface with Bridge as affiliates.

    Here is my suggestion as I haven’t seen it covered in your material yet.

    We want to be responsible for our book buyers.

    We want to know who they are and stay in comm with them so we can truly help them on up the bridge.

    We want to connect them to your site early on and we need a system in place at your end to help us wear our hat with each book buyer at the beginning of their way up the bridge.

    A good affiliate tracking system should provide the affiliate with information on who buys a book . This will enable us to follow up and continue to build a good relationship to sell more books and select them to the closest Org or Mission.

    Thank you for having the Suggestion Box

    Janis Ihrig

    • Hi, Janis! It’s your old X-sister-in-law here, Diane. I saw your name here so thought I’d say hello and see what’s new. I am still a field auditor here in LA. How are you and Joyce and Michael? Haven’t seen any of you for decades. I tried to call you but it is an old number and was disconnected.

      Anyway, if this reaches you, let me say hello and maybe we can catch up. 🙂

      Love, Diane

      • Hi Diane,

        I just got this and so thought I’d answer. Maybe you’ll pick it up. It only took me a year to find your comm. :`)

        Perhaps I’ll look you up on facebook! I don’t go there much but will take a look.

        Really nice hearing from you.

        Love Janis

      • Hi, Janis,

        I have done the same.  LOL  Well, I just was thinking about you guys and wondered how you all are and what’s new, if anything.  I had discovered your name in one of my old, old address books, and have had no news of any of you for many years.  Last I heard, which is years ago, Joyce was still FSMing for CC I and Michael was doing his very good art work with jewelry in Arizona, and I didn’t know what news about you.

        I don’t do Facebook or any social networks so didn’t check there.  I am currently taking care of an old friend who is very ill, at my house in LA.  Otherwise, not a lot happening, other than listening to LRH on tapes.

        Goodness, the time flies.  I’m 74 now.  OMG  How did that happen?  LOL

        Well, I’m glad you answered my message.  Let me know how you all are and tell the others hi for me, if you will.

        Good to hear from you!

        Love, Diane


  7. Dear terminal,

    Please check the Christmas catalog in the Spanish LATAM language.

    The price are in Euros. And you are directed to New Era Pubs when our area is covered by Bridge Pubs.

    I suggest that you put the figures in U$Dollars. Why? Because everybody who can use internet can made the exchange rates wherever the person residence is and would have an idea about the cost faster than with Euros.

    Christmas is too close maybe you will not have chance to correct it, but take it in mind for future publications and offers.

    Best, Juan Alburquerque

  8. How do people get promotional codes to enter in the
    “Enter Promotional Code or Name of Sales Person/Organization” field?

    Do they have to enter our names in that field or will it automatically know that we’re the ones selling the books from our affiliate links?

  9. I cant get link to nepi to work properly.
    How do I get my link to ponit to nepi and not bridg?
    Furthermore, the display is in english and not danish.
    When using I get I get a black browser picture

  10. This is awesome. I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. There is a ton that can be done with this. I am interested to hear how ones selectees can be tracked….

  11. This is great! Coincidentally enough I had just decided to figure out how to do this a couple of days ago. Now you have made it easy for me. Thanks!

  12. I can’t see an example of what the affiliate website would look like. I’d like to see this before I sign up. THIS IS A FANTASTIC IDEA.

  13. I recommend to have some text or review articles of each of the basic product for new public, we want to reach new public and one of the most use now days of pepole to search for information is on the web, so let’s creat for them infromation and alot of it that will be posted around blogs and websites that own by scientologists, for example i need some reviews on scientology books in hebrew, or some banners too formy blog.

  14. Soli – Got it — we’ll see what we can create in Hebrew to help you out.

    Eva – check out — this is an example of an affiliate page that is automatically created when you create your affiliate ID. We’re looking at making this customizable in a later release, so you can choose what books you want to display on this page.

    Dave — Great! Glad it’s useful!

  15. This is SOOOOO friggin’ cool. Getting my website up soon and very much looking forward to putting this on there as a link. Also, I have a few message boards I frequent, and it is going to be GREAT to put up video footage of Scientologists giving their wins. It is SUCH AN OMITTED, and it will really give more R on what Scientology does for people.

  16. I think the affiliate program is a awesome idea –a brillant, needed and wanted dissemenation tool.

    I publish and distribute a “Good News Newspaper” that has a circulation of ca. 30,000 per month. The purpose of my publication is to get on the communication lines of the world and educate and provide solutions to the community.

    I also have a website with the online version of my publication and other articles geared toward improving the community. We consistently print free articles from CCHR and other Non-profit and Civic Groups. The publishing and distribution of my publication is made possible by the paying advertisers.

    Although our publication is distributed in the Tampa Bay area and reaches Scientologist; my main focus is targeting new public and inspiring them to become active in handling of many important issues in todays society.

    I want to put ads in my paper to promote the Basics to new public.

    Although the affiliate program site is very inspiring to me as a Scientologist, I am concerned that due to the nomenclature used in the success videos it will give the brand new public mis-understoods. Are there any plans to create videos or weblinks specifically geared toward a new persons view point? Please advise.

  17. I don’t get it. When I use I get into the NEPI site all right as I set it to. But when one changes language, one get the catalog from which one can order. If one then orders, one get back into the site but the language has changed. So one of cause changes the language once again in the upper right corner. – – – But is then returned to the catalog in Danish and has to find the book once again.
    Either the language selection in the upper right corner has to be removed so that one does not think one an change the language on the current site, or it has to change the currency only, to that of the country one selects (because one might change language to get the right currency or to read in ones own language)

  18. SUCCESS needs correcting on the title spelling at the Google Analytics article


    thank you very much.
    I am setting up and thus far everything is great.

  20. This is a GREAT program!!
    I am a Mission Holder in Las Vegas. Can Missions sign up for this program also, or is there another way for missions to take advantage of this?

    Gene Sironen

  21. Awesome! Here’s a few things..

    How do we get our picture in our affiliate profile so as to be seen who we are when we post something?

    Does our main affiliate link track ANY purchase or navigation that the prospect does…. or does a purchase have to be through the specific tracking link, in order to get credit for the sale? Ideally the WHOLE store would be coded to the original link.

    If I post a question or comment on the FSM blog site will I receive any replies by email?

    When signed in, the sign in options still are showing, which is a bit confusing.



  22. Paul –

    First off, to get a picture showing up next to your name when you post a comment, all you have to do is sign up for a WordPress blog ( and then upload a picture for your profile.

    On your second question, yes – the affiliate link will track any purchase made through the site, when someone clicks through from the link you put up. The only way that it won’t count, is if the person clicks through from your affiliate link, then browses around, closes his browser window, and then comes back to the site later. Then, it will lose the affiliate tracking. Otherwise, yes – if you link him to Dianetics, yet he then browses around and chooses The Problems of Work, that will still count.

  23. Wow… I’m feeling some revitalizing effects just checking out the videos you guys have on-line…. very nice website(s) too!

    Hearing and seeing these wins online is so great.

    I’ll dive more into the affiliate program.

    Another great step would be having the ability to forward (or post online, or place on websites) video that then links to the affiliate’s site, which I believe you have available already, for credit on any ensuing purchases. I do want to make sure that tracking of orders is occurring from our main link, like

    Yowsa… ALL of the associated groups (Narconon, TWTH, CCHR, Drug Free World, etc…) can eventually have all of this in place for some MAJOR Booms in dissemination and incoming new public.

    Also, imagine HATTING videos popping up soon as well… like sample introductory lectures on various subjects… and even how to market as an affiliate, etc…

    A FULL Arsenal of the various introductions (on all of the various tech) being posted, emailed, blogged, uploaded all over the internet would just be incredible.

    Can you imagine lines of people crowding to get on course and to the orgs??

    Good thing we have extension courses too, for when that occurs, atleast people can study from home!

    Awesome… talk soon.



  24. I just want to say, when i saw the link for VIDEO quotes for the congresses (or in future for any book or lecture) i got really excited. I love the scientology video quotes. They’re very asthetic and nice to watch and greatly attracted me to the site. I like the idea.

  25. Hi there,
    That is good that there is an affiliate program but there is VERY little value to it if the system doesn’t recognize that I referred someone if a buyer comes back later on and buy something.
    It turns affiliates off right away!!!!!
    You MUST to set up your cookies at least for a few months!!!
    I wanted to create blog but when I read your FAQ it turned me off right away as it is not fair!

  26. #1 A affiliate site link in all languages

    #2 Papal option ( most widely used and trusted form of Payment internationally)

    #3 Our affiliate link should be integrated into the video’s. ( They are our best promotional tool )

    #4 Offer a Video tutorial that step by step ,click by click, shows how to create the best blogs and the integration of the Social Network sites ( the best source for traffic) into these blogs.

    Thanks, Richard

  27. Hi

    I have an idea for a site to promote my affiliate links but would like to discuss it before beginning so that everything is done correctly.

    I am unsure of which terminal to contact… could you please give me a comm line or use the email address on file to contact me.


  28. The list that you give here:

    … is great! I think it would be helpful to duplicate this same information on the Affiliate Program in sort-of a Promotional ‘Tools Section’…. But, I would also include all other columns of information that we might like: Column D = Org Locale Codes,… Column E = Language Code, etc., etc.

    Going a step further… Let’s say the affiliate is allowed to click on each of the pieces of codes that he needs. As he does so, maybe at the bottom of the page, his code is being generate. So all that he has to do once he’s done clicking on the pieces of code that he needs is click ‘Get Code’…. a similar method is used in the Google Adsense program (a program used to advertise other organization’s websites on a person’s site.

    My web site / blog link is coming soon…. working on it!

  29. Hello anybody there?

  30. When I click to the page
    on the logo “continue” I am sent back to the same page.

  31. I haven’t been able to set up as an affiliate for some time. I’m not sure what the bug is. I get “sorry system is not working” or something like that. Should I just call Bridge?

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