hatting (n) : from hat, “On a train, a locomotive engineer and a conductor each wears a different kind of hat. You will notice that various jobs in the society are designated by different hats. From this we get the word hat as a slang term meaning one’s specialized duties.” – LRH

This page contains a compilation and running record of the hat for how to utilize the Basics website as a Field Staff Member, so as to be able to disseminate Dianetics & Scientology books on-line.


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  1. Dear Tad,

    thank you so much for this great service of online FSMing! I already created my own affiliate site (cathrienegger.fsm.org).

    When I get on this page above, it is an English page. I can get the German product catalog in the right upper corner but is there a way to get the goldenageofknoledge.net (Introduction, The books + The Lectures,…) in German as well?
    I think it would be perfect to automatically get into the German page when I put my fsm.org adress in and then to have the option of changing the language of this first upcoming site.

    I am looking forward for your answer!

    Cathrien Egger

  2. Cathrein –

    Thanks for writing! At this time, we don’t have that main page translated into German. So, the only ways of getting a full German page on the Basics are via either the Holiday catalog or the Basics Brochure. You can also buy 4 of the Basics books off of the Berlin Scientology site (www.scientology.de), which is all in German.

  3. I would like to put a link for this programon onto a blog that I have created but I’m not sure how. Do I have to make my own link or banner or is there a format I can use? I am just not sure where to go with this. I have an affiliate ID and have sign-up and so forth I am just not sure how to actually put it on the blog. Any help you could give would be great!


  4. Alright, thanks a lot.

  5. I couldn’t sign up for the affiliate program. I clicked on the right button, but got message saying couldn’t find it.
    John Gaskin, OT IV, Tor Fdn Public

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