Frequently Asked Questions

  • After creating my account, I get an error saying “This account has been temporarily disabled.” After you create your account, you will receive an email with a link in it to activate your account. You must click this link before your account will work properly. If problems persist, please report them using this form.
  • What is the difference between my “user name” and my “affiliate ID”? Your user name is the name that you sign in with. That is it’s sole purpose and it is only used for signing you in to the system. For example, if your user name is “johndoe”, then you would use that when signing in. An affiliate ID is a separate code which is what appears in your links. Once you have signed in, you can create as many affiliate IDs as you want using the “Settings” page. For example, John Doe might want to have three affiliate IDs which he uses for three different purposes: “jdenterprises” for business links, “southmainedngroup” for links related to his Dianetics group, and “johndoe” for personal links. (Note that you can have an affiliate ID that is the same as your user name or ones that are different, it does not matter.) The above codes would allow him to create links such as http://jdenterprises.fsm.org/, http://southmaindngroup.fsm.org/items/dmsmh.html or http://johndoe.fsm.org/items/pow.html or other combinations thereof. See … for instructions on building links.
  • How can I get stats on how many people people click through on my links, how many sales I get, where people are clicking, etc.? Use Google Analytics.  See this post on how to use Google Analytics with your links.
  • When I try to create my account I get an error message that my postal code or phone number is not in the correct format. This is usually caused by not selecting the correct country. The country field defaults to United States, make sure you set correctly for your address.
  • If somebody clicks on my link (ex. http://…?referredby=AFFILIATE_CODE) and then decides to buy a different product than the one I linked him to, will the system still be aware that I referred the person? Yes. When you have an address that contains “referredby=”, this setting remains until the person closes his web browser or is inactive for more than a half hour.  This also applies if the user changes which organization he is purchasing from – Bridge Publications, Inc. or New Era Publications.
  • If I refer a person to purchase a book and he does not do so right then but returns to the site (a day, week, month) later, will the system still recognize that I referred him? No.  The system currently does not do this.
  • Why doesn’t your affiliate program do … ? That’s a good question! Leave your suggestions below of things you would like to see in the affiliate program and we will do our best to incorporate them in a timely fashion.

NOTE: If problems persist after trying one of these solutions, contact us using this form and we will be glad to help you resolve the issue and will most likely add the results of this experience to this page to help assist others who may be running into the same difficulty.

6 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,
    This is a fantastic, very timely thing you have created! I’ve been fooling about with a website for about a year, getting subscribers with similar interests to mine (fitness, nutrition, arts) or ruins along these lines, all with the idea that I’d DO something for them, then steer them into buying LRH books. Now’s the time! Will product codes for LRH fiction books also become available? While Self Analysis will likely be the biggest Basics book for my subscribers, I’m sure I could also sell Old Doc Methuselah easily.

  2. Mike, thanks and I’m glad you’re pumped about this – we are too! On the fiction books, I recommend you hook up with Galaxy Press (www.galaxypress.com) and ask them to see if they have or are coming out with a similar program. (BTW, Ole Doc Methuselah is one of my favorites too.)

  3. Dear Sirs:

    Please tell me if this website is what you had in mind when you launched this program. I avoided using direct LRH quotes but put the copyright notices on each page anyway, just for good measure. My “sales page” for Self Analysis is the exact patter I’ve used to sell that book for many years. If adding quotes from each of the Basics can be done, please let me know.


  4. Do you have a simpler method of understanding your linking procedure? What i see at the moment is a lot of codes and different links with no simple way of linking.

    Is this affiliate site up to-date? as i do not see to much commentry going on!

  5. george bryce, on March 16th, 2009 at 11:37 pm Said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I just want to know if this affiliate blog site is active? There doesn’t appear to be any forward motion going on it.

    if so!

    Are you going to put some simple procedure into the establishment of linking up. At the moment it is a confusion to me and very time consuming rather then a simple copy and paste or such!!!

    It.s a golden oppotunity for me and other Scientologist to help and expand Scientolgy through it’s books and materials so this Affiliate site is a very important vehical and it would be a gross shame to see it fold up, this is the current impression i am getting each time i enter into the site.

    Please advise the site status, is to become more user friendly on the Linking procedure also is the current site active in any way?

    ARC -George P.S. Please reply

  6. hi, I used my e-mail address as user name to sign in your website and I want to change the user name, please help me?

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