About the Program

Ever wanted to sell LRH books on-line via your own website or blog? Now you can!

A new service has just been launched for Bridge Publications and New Era Publications, which anyone looking to disseminate Scientology on-line will find quite exciting! The service allows anyone to become an Afflilate of these Dianetics & Scientology publications organizations, and to thereby sell The Basics over the Internet, and to be appropriately recompensed for materials gotten into public hands.

The system ties directly in to our Dianetics & Scientology Basics website, and allows you to:

  • Set up a personal Affiliate Page, to which you can direct anyone who needs Dianetics and Scientology books, and get a commission off of anything thus sold,
  • Put up links and images on your own website or blog which tie directly into the Bridge and New Era materials ordering system, and to then get a commission for anything sold through these links.
  • Build links to send out via e-mail, for any individuals you wish to contact directly

As LRH wrote in his Policy Letter of 9 May 1965, “FIELD AUDITORS BECOME STAFF”:

“The purpose of the field staff member is:


This system is designed expressly to allow you to do this.


  1. Make sure you already have your own set of Basics Books & Lectures. If not, get them from the Bridge or New Era website.
  2. Create your Scientology Internet Services account.
  3. Log in to the Bridge / New Era Affiliate Program website.
  4. Choose your Affiliate ID. This will then set up your personal Affiliate website with a name such as BobJones.fsm.org.
  5. Start disseminating! Check out the hatting on this blog for ideas on how to use the facilities provided here to get books out everywhere!

Direct any questions to the Afflilate Program Administrator here.

17 Responses

  1. i have bought the Basics Books & Lectures, and The Congresses…it will take some time to make a first pass through…after which i hope to make new and better …differentiations and integrations….

    i think and feel this will not be altering ‘The Standard Tech’ but hopefully expanding it or at the very least filling in the gaps

    i am a firm believer in …communication, language, and reason….

    disseminating Scientology Materials further could be a part of my future

    thank you for offering the program


  2. I have a question about tech references.

    Michael George Erdmann say “to take a first pass through ….. think and feel this will not be altering ‘The Standard Tech´” This make sence.

    What bulletine is being applied.


  3. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    “The basics”, In a word, “AWSOME”

    The affiliate program IS the way to go, I’ve already registered two domain name websites for this, one for bridge and one for nepi.

    Here’s to your happiness
    Brett Rodger

  4. This is a great idea! I’ll direct lots of people to it. It’s a great way to disseminate and help people understand what Scientology is all about. Nice work guys!

  5. Finally! I have been trying to start my own affiliate business with digital products and HOPING that Bridge would start an affiliate program. This will motivate me to become successful in my business.

    Kerry Schmidt

  6. Hello – I am a new FSM with congresses (16) and Basics (16) to sell. I am excited to set up our affiliate website! Can you direct me to data on how the pricing and commissions work since I have my own stock and obviously want my selectees to buy from my stock.



  7. Hello my friends 🙂

  8. Я мало, что понял из письма, но как мне кажется, вы предлагаете разместить мне на моем сайте ссылку на видео и другую информацию… Я абсолютно не против, если это бесплатной основе:)
    Спасибо, с АРО, Сергей.

  9. The Basics have made an amazing change to my life both personally and on a business level.

    I love the domain of the internet and now indtend to share my love of The Basics with the world.

    Much Love, Mike King.

  10. I will be placing a FOT Banner on every one of my Lord of Water chapters.

    Warmly, Mike.

  11. i am interested to joint in affiliated programe because is very importend to shearing for every body else around the word to joint in the course.

  12. How much commission do I make on a sale?

  13. I love this site scientologyfsm.wordpress.com. Lot of great information. I am Tech guy. I have been a Desktop Technician since 1997 but have tons of other interests. In my spare time… Oh, wait I don’t have any of that (just kidding). Anyways, I have been aware of this website for quite some time and decided to join the community and contribute as well as learn a lot from others. I am excited to get started on the forum and am looking forward to a great journey together. Lots of potential friends and I look forward to meeting many online.

  14. Hi Tad,

    What’s the latest and greatest on the affiliate programs?

    I was about to post something to refer people to http://pmaselli.fsm.org

    Does it still track….anything more improved lately?

    Best Regards!


    Paul Maselli

  15. Hi! I’m one of the worldwide top booksellers in the field and possibly the only one to sell ultimate collections directly to pure raw meat public (34 in 3 years). I’d like to know more about this initiative, i.e. who is behind it, how many affiliates and their results, which key-word positioning service would be the best, what is the weekly contact average per site, etc.
    kindly, roberto elia – mission impossible team i/c from milan italy

    • Hi Roberto,
      This is Agustín Molino.
      We met in TU EU.
      Remember me?
      How are you doing? I read of your success as a bookseller and I just wanted to congratulate you.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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