Blog about your wins getting through the Basics!


With everyone flying through the Basics and having win after win, a fantastic way to disseminate, and also keep track of all your wins at the same time, is to keep a running Blog of your wins on the Basics & Congresses!

Here’s what to do:

1) Set up:  Set  yourself up a blog, if you don’t already have one.   Popular, easy, and free sites where you can set up a blog are Blogger and WordPress, though there are scores of others. 

2) Get an FSM Account: If you don’t already have one, set up an account using the Scientology Affiliate system.   What this does is set you up with your own “” address, which – when clicked – sends people to the Bridge Publications or New Era Publications websites, tagged with a tracking code.  Then, anyone who obtains materials from these sites — you get credit for!    If any of this doesn’t make sense to you, just see the hatting here.  And if that still doesn’t add up, contact us.

3) Start writing in your blog!   This is where you should just go wild, and type in any wins and realizations you have while going through the Basis.   If you want some ideas of how to present this, just have a look at this blog for some ideas.

4) Use your FSM Links:  When making your blog post, be sure to use your FSM link to refer people to the materials.   The blog referenced above has some examples of how to do this.

5) Let us know!  Once you get your blog up and running, drop a comment here with a link to your blog!  We’d all like to see it, and see what wins you’re having! 

Help Needed – Situation in China

image On Monday, China suffered its worst earthquake in three decades with a 7.9 quake which literally toppled buildings leaving thousands trapped under houses, schools, factories and office buildings or dead. The earthquake was centered in Sichuan Province in southwest China but was felt across the vast country.

There are at least 12,000 known casualties, but some of the worst-hit areas have yet to be contacted. The death toll will likely reach tens of thousands of people, with thousands more injured or homeless. There is a risk of landslides and this, coupled with the fact that a chemical storage plant was damaged and is now leaking dangerous chemicals, makes it all the more urgent for Volunteer Ministers to step forward now to help those who desperately need it and to prevent further damage.

Volunteer Ministers from all over the world must be gotten to the scene NOW, to bring help to those in the worst-affected areas. Not one minute can be wasted – one minute can mean someone’s life. These people are in desperate need. Trained Volunteer Ministers need to answer the call.

We need VMs on flights to the International airport in Chengdu within the next few hours. Contact the Volunteer Ministers International Office.  If you are unable to go yourself, your help is needed to sponsor another Volunteer Minister who can go.

This is u-r-g-e-n-t and we must act now. Please pass this message on to your friends.

Please send this to everyone you know!

Map image

Myanmar – All Volunteer Ministers Call to Action


image On Sunday, Cyclone Nargis hit the nation of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma, a country between India and China) and killed in excess of 25,000 people so far. The original report from the military government of Myanmar was a death toll in the hundreds, but there was a belated admission that the cyclone had killed at least 30 times this figure – with 10,000 perished in just one city. The devastation of the area has left several hundred thousand people without shelter and clean water.


image The people of this area need our help urgently. A whole team of Volunteer Ministers need to go to Myanmar to start bringing order and delivering the miracles of Volunteer Minister technology.

We cannot just stand back and watch. The situation requires decisive action NOW. We need responsible Volunteer Ministers to bring hope to these people.


See below for a map of Myanmar, as visual reference:

Map image



“A volunteer minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”  — LRH


At least 250 people are needed in Myanmar on an immediate basis.  Please contact the Disaster Response Officer at the International VM Office at 1-323-960-1949 or via e-mail or Sei Broadhurst or Donovan Reed at the Continental VM Office in Australia on 011-612-9264-7955.   

If you are not already trained as a Volunteer Minister, we will train you on the ground, or you can learn how to help on one of our on-line training courses, available for no charge on the Volunteer Ministers website.

Any Scientology Field Staff Member should absolutely get anyone he knows who would like to help but doesn’t have the tools to know how, to our on-line VM training center so that he or she can get the tools to be effective and be able to assist.

If you cannot go but still want to help, you can make a donation to directly fund these disaster relief activities and contribute in that way in ensuring others can go.