New: LRH Quote Video of the Week!

For years, one of the most popular e-newsletters in the Scientology world has been the famous LRH Quote of the Week.    This is now being significantly upgraded, with an LRH video quote now brought to you each week!

Our first Video Quote is from the LRH Congresses, with an introductory briefing on the incredible Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress


image In terms of sequence, the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress comes directly after your study of Dianetics 55! and The Unification Congress, and before the Games Congress and Scientology: Fundamentals of ThoughtYou can trace this clearly on a large, browsable Materials Guide Chart, which clearly shows you where this Congress fits, and where it should be studied, in chronological sequence. 

Each LRH Congress contains a complete body of Dianetics or Scientology technology, detailing both its use in auditing and its application across all parts of life — to the creation of a new
civilization. In that regard, Congress Lectures contain the LRH programs to be applied
by every Scientologist in their own zone of activity and which, as a combined whole, form the vital elements to clear the planet.

While each encompasses its own subject, and can be heard by itself without
prior study, a chronological study has the benefit of allowing you to see how the subject progressed and which are the highest levels of development.

But no matter which Congress you listen to next, you will want them all. For the LRH
Congress Lectures contain far more than the watershed advances that built The Bridge to Total Freedom. There’s also that special air of something more. It’s what Scientologists speak of when trying to describe the unique feeling one gets just from listening to Ron. 

congresses_order_now_button The Congresses are now available in a new, limited-time package The full set of LRH Congresses, including the Clearing Congress on DVD, is only $2500 – a savings of $775. 
(International pricing is also available.)

Some points you may not know are:

This package price expires on the 13th of March,  so act now and get your full LRH Congresses set, or browse the individual Congresses to get any you are missing.  They’re an invaluable part of your route to knowledge, along with your Basics!

Definitely e-mail me with any questions at all!


Tad Reeves
Internet Officer
Church of Scientology International


3 Responses

  1. Great LRH quote! Loved the video.

  2. Need the links checked out and an RSS feed set up so when we know the next video comes out.

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