New Tools for You to Get You Through the Basics

videoplay-19We just released the new Golden Age of Knowledge website for 2008! 

As our purpose is to make it so every Scientologist can rapidly get through a study of the full Golden Age of Knowledge line-up, we built a number of new features into it I thought you would find useful:


Materials Guide Chart:
image This is the map which shows you where you are and where you are going in your journey to full understanding of Dianetics & Scientology.  We now have a large, nearly full-screen Materials Guide Chart on-line.  As each book and lecture is laid out in chronological sequence, you can see how the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were evolved, just by studying this chart!  As you select the various books and lectures of your Basics line-up, the on-line chart zooms to that time period, showing you where that book or lecture is relative to the remainder of the full body of LRH materials.  This was done expressly to help you obtain and get through the materials faster!

Bulk Discounts and Tools for Disseminators: 
image New to the website are the Beginning Books and Audiobooks, available as a package, or with new, special bulk discounts!  If you’re a disseminator, you can now save up to 39% on bulk pricing of the Beginning Books & Audiobooks package.  

This, added to our new on-line FSM program for those that want to disseminate on the Internet, gives a whole new realm of tools for you to get all of your friends, family and selectees through their Basics, or introduced to Scientology & Dianetics through the Beginning Books!

Video Quote and Successes of the Week:

videoplay-18By far the most popular feature of the site so far has been the video content we’ve brought you, so this is being expanded now with more successes, and an LRH Video Quote of the week program on the way as well!   

We have a new video this week, a video of over 50 people and their Basics successes, which I think you’ll like.  I want your feedback on what sort of video you’d like to see here, so please communicate back on this as well!


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