New: LRH Quote Video of the Week!

For years, one of the most popular e-newsletters in the Scientology world has been the famous LRH Quote of the Week.    This is now being significantly upgraded, with an LRH video quote now brought to you each week!

Our first Video Quote is from the LRH Congresses, with an introductory briefing on the incredible Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress


image In terms of sequence, the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress comes directly after your study of Dianetics 55! and The Unification Congress, and before the Games Congress and Scientology: Fundamentals of ThoughtYou can trace this clearly on a large, browsable Materials Guide Chart, which clearly shows you where this Congress fits, and where it should be studied, in chronological sequence. 

Each LRH Congress contains a complete body of Dianetics or Scientology technology, detailing both its use in auditing and its application across all parts of life — to the creation of a new
civilization. In that regard, Congress Lectures contain the LRH programs to be applied
by every Scientologist in their own zone of activity and which, as a combined whole, form the vital elements to clear the planet.

While each encompasses its own subject, and can be heard by itself without
prior study, a chronological study has the benefit of allowing you to see how the subject progressed and which are the highest levels of development.

But no matter which Congress you listen to next, you will want them all. For the LRH
Congress Lectures contain far more than the watershed advances that built The Bridge to Total Freedom. There’s also that special air of something more. It’s what Scientologists speak of when trying to describe the unique feeling one gets just from listening to Ron. 

congresses_order_now_button The Congresses are now available in a new, limited-time package The full set of LRH Congresses, including the Clearing Congress on DVD, is only $2500 – a savings of $775. 
(International pricing is also available.)

Some points you may not know are:

This package price expires on the 13th of March,  so act now and get your full LRH Congresses set, or browse the individual Congresses to get any you are missing.  They’re an invaluable part of your route to knowledge, along with your Basics!

Definitely e-mail me with any questions at all!


Tad Reeves
Internet Officer
Church of Scientology International


Analyze Your Success With Google Analytics

We have just released as a beta a new feature for our online affiliate program: Support for Google Analytics!

Ever wanted to track how many people click through from the links you create? Want to know how many sales your links are generating? Now you can.


Google Analytics will also track the sales conversions from the traffic you send using it’s E-Commerce options!


If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, they have ample material on their site on how to use their service. It’s free and provides detailed reports.

To get started, simply do the following:

  1. Create a Google Analytics Account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Take note of your account code, which starts with “UA-” and appears in the HTML that Google gives you to put on your web site.
  3. Log into your Scientology Online Affiliate Account and create one or more affiliate codes.
  4. Using the information provided on this site, create your links.
  5. At the end of your links, include the URL parameter “gaacct=UA-XXXXXX-XX” where the Xs are replaced by your Google Analytics Code. For example, if your Google Analytics code is “UA-123456-AB” and you have a link to the Dianetics Book and Oakland Lectures, your link would read: “”.

That’s it! Just append the “gaacct” parameter to your links and Google Analytics tracking is turned on for your tracking code for the remainder of the user’s browser session (meaning until he closes his browser or has a half an hour of inactivity).

Video: First Book-a-Thon of 2008!

This weekend is the kick-off of the first Basics Book-a-Thon of 2008!   This year, the absolute target is to 100X the volume of books gotten to the people of your community, to massively spearhead the clearing of your zone.  And it starts NOW!



If you’ve wondered, “Can I sell books in volume to new public?” — the answer is, “Yes, you can!”  And it’s easy.  Because all of the particulars of how it is done have been honed to a total simplicity on the streets of New York.  See a video here of the Field Staff Members of New York who are doing it!

You can do it too! 


image Newly added to the Basics website is a brand-new tool to get bulk discounts on each of the Beginning books.   As you’re going to be getting books out to your area by the hundreds, take advantage of these new discounts on-line – discounts as high as 39% for bulk purchases!  

All this to help you reach more people with LRH tech in your area!


The Book-a-Thon website will be updated all weekend with the standings, and with a special place for the orgs that make it into the 1000 club (1000 books into new public hands), and a special award and acknowledgement for orgs that  make it into the 5000 club! 

Send all photos and video of you and your org in action to this e-mail address.  The best shots will be selected and featured on the website!

All this in the spirit of the following from LRH:

It is far from an unrealistic goal, short term, to get Book One into the hands of 1 percent of all the people in your area.  That’s a start.  A longer term goal is to capture 5 percent of the world book market.  We can do that too.  And if we did it, sheer momentum would clear the planet.

“Are you with me on this?


“Do it!”  – LRH



Tad Reeves
Internet Officer
Church of Scientology International
Book-a-Thon Blog

New Tools for You to Get You Through the Basics

videoplay-19We just released the new Golden Age of Knowledge website for 2008! 

As our purpose is to make it so every Scientologist can rapidly get through a study of the full Golden Age of Knowledge line-up, we built a number of new features into it I thought you would find useful:


Materials Guide Chart:
image This is the map which shows you where you are and where you are going in your journey to full understanding of Dianetics & Scientology.  We now have a large, nearly full-screen Materials Guide Chart on-line.  As each book and lecture is laid out in chronological sequence, you can see how the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were evolved, just by studying this chart!  As you select the various books and lectures of your Basics line-up, the on-line chart zooms to that time period, showing you where that book or lecture is relative to the remainder of the full body of LRH materials.  This was done expressly to help you obtain and get through the materials faster!

Bulk Discounts and Tools for Disseminators: 
image New to the website are the Beginning Books and Audiobooks, available as a package, or with new, special bulk discounts!  If you’re a disseminator, you can now save up to 39% on bulk pricing of the Beginning Books & Audiobooks package.  

This, added to our new on-line FSM program for those that want to disseminate on the Internet, gives a whole new realm of tools for you to get all of your friends, family and selectees through their Basics, or introduced to Scientology & Dianetics through the Beginning Books!

Video Quote and Successes of the Week:

videoplay-18By far the most popular feature of the site so far has been the video content we’ve brought you, so this is being expanded now with more successes, and an LRH Video Quote of the week program on the way as well!   

We have a new video this week, a video of over 50 people and their Basics successes, which I think you’ll like.  I want your feedback on what sort of video you’d like to see here, so please communicate back on this as well!