Do I Have to Have a Website to Disseminate?

This question has come up a few times as people are getting up and running with the Scientology affiliate system, and the answer these days is a resounding no!  You definitely don’t have to have your own website to be able to disseminate on-line! 

Back in the days when Scientologists On-Line was introduced, there were not any of the current point-and-click tools that you have today to easily post and involve yourself in two-way communication on the Internet. Either you were a geek and were able to put up a website, or you weren’t and you didn’t. 

Nowadays, here are some examples of things you can do and resources you can use:

Message Boards:

image Probably one of the most classic ways to drive traffic to a site is with active message board posts. If you have a number of people who are active on message boards, you can drive a REDICULOUS amount of traffic to a site. Whether or not they stick or do what you want is another question, but the traffic is undeniable.

If you’ve got your Basics already, there is a never-ending source of conversational material, all of which can link in to interesting pieces like Scientologists’ success videos as a punchline. 


Social News Sites:

image These are sites like,, etc which allow people to vote on ‘news’ that they think is best. These drive great sums of traffic — when your message is right.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the stories that people think are interesting are very ‘corn and games’ type news — where the newest photo of an exploding laptop or a washing machine catapult video ends up as the most popular thing on there.

Fine, it’s the bank agreement that’s being catered to, and that’s the planet we’re on. But it still drives traffic. Best ones I’ve found are:

All of them have had varying degrees of effectiveness. I’ve seen a handful of stories on Scientology make the first page, and those got some serious traffic. and have been the best, though – routinely sending quite a few visitors for a well-written post. 

Flickr / Photobucket:

image  One very easy way to get exposure for your addresses is to post all of your photos on a site like  Then, take pictures of things that relate to Scientology and the application of Scientology tech, and add in your address.  I.e., go out and take pictures at your local org’s Book-a-thon, and post them up for everyone to check out!  If you take good pictures, this can generate a significant amount of traffic.

So, if you haven’t yet signed up as a Bridge or New Era affiliate, do it now, and then create your affiliate links so that you can start disseminating!


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