Questions of the Day – Link Exchanges

There were a few questions that came in today that would be best answered on the blog, for everyone. 

Would it be ok to put my “affiliate” link on traffic exchanges? They are websites that advertise links for their members.

image  Absolutely.  There’s no problem at all with broadcasting your link to anyplace and every place you can get it.  Those that are most successful in the game of disseminating Scientology on-line advertise smartly, and put their links up everywhere.  In addition to link exchanges, you can look at doing paid links (if you’re in the mood to spend) or look at utilizing a number of new social networking services that have cropped up. 

Without having to build your own website or pay money to advertise, there are literally thousands of places where you can insert links to your site that will drive traffic there.  Even posting photos on a service like can be an effective way to move people to your site.


I am not good at disseminating personally, so would the link that leads back to the Scientology site be doing the disseminating?

First off, nothing is going to replace the standard use of the policy letter DISSEMINATION DRILL, which goes over how to disseminate Scientology to others.  You definitely need to know how to do this drill. 

However, your key reference by L. Ron Hubbard is the policy letter, BOOKS ARE DISSEMINATION which states,

“I will make you a wager.  I think you are wasting most of your time answering questions which are answered in books.  I think you are talking yourself hoarse to friends, and other people and groups, explaining over and over and over things that are already taken up in books.  I think your time is being devoured by attempts to reach through the natural conversational barriers of people.

“You are not giving, I am sure, the newly interested person an opportunity to go and sit down quietly with himself, without any social strain, and study a book on the subject.  Only in this way will he come to a decision about the subject which is his own independent decision, having inspected the materials.  This has to be done quietly and is best done through the pages of a book.”  — LRH

So, if via your links, blog posts, advertisements, and so forth you can get someone to go to the Basics website and order a book, it will be in the best interests of the newly-interested person, as well as to you.  Just post anywhere you can that the best way anyone can find out about Scientology and make a decision about it for themselves is by getting and reading some books on the subject. 


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