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Links to International Holiday Catalog Items

Quite often, you’ll need to send someone to get more information about an item — but that person speaks a different language from you!  The following are links to the Holiday Catalog as well as the Basics in various languages, which you can cut & paste into an e-mail.

NOTE:  make sure to replace out the “tadreeves.fsm.org” in the addresses below with your own FSM site.  And if you don’t already have an FSM site, create one here first!

The Holiday Catalog:

English:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/holiday/
Danish:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=da
German:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=de
Greek:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=el
Castillian Spanish:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=es
Latam Spanish:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=es_LA
French:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=fr
Hungarian:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=hu
Italian:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=it
Japanese:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=ja
Dutch:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=nl
Norwegian:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=no
Portuguese:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=pt
Russian:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=ru
Swedish:  http://tadreeves.fsm.org/flash/holiday/index.html?locale=sv


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