How to Send a Scientology Success Video

Many times, the best way to communicate Scientology to someone is via a success video of someone else who has had similar troubles or problems, and has had these solved by studying Scientology Basics

For each of the videos below, link to them using your personalized FSM address, replacing the sample address “” with your own FSM address.  For more data on how to link to other individual pages in the Golden Age of Knowledge site, see the linking hat here.


Pete Dearaujo: Finished the Dianetics, Science of Survival, Self Analysis and Advanced Procedure & Axioms book & lecture courses.


Jim Mathers: Auditing on OT VII, and just finished the Dianetics books & lecture course.


Stacey Patton: Did 8 Basics courses and New OT VIII on the Freewinds.
Doing the Basics increased my understanding of the phenomena I was experiencing while auditing OT 8.”


LaJuan Presston: Did the Problems of Work, FOT, EOS and SA. Just found out about Scientology on the Internet and then joined staff at the Baton Rouge Mission


Christina Branson: She has been in Scientology for 3 months – and this is her success on Problems of Work.
Kalif Harrison: Problems of Work was his first course in Scientology, now he has his full Basics package!
Alex Merricks: Just finished studying the entire Basics books & lectures.
Caralyn Percy: Her wins on Dianetics.


Cort Bishop: Los Angeles policeman who has found success applying Problems of Work.
Kelly Yaegerman: Now really knows what Dianetics is, through reading the new book. Fran Andrews, CCHR Int: Tells how a study of the Basics has helped her on her 3rd and 4th dynamic goals in handling psychiatry.
Clark Carr, Narconon Int: “It’s exciting being on course with all of my friends. Who can count the wins we’re going to have? But I’ll tell you who’s counting on us. Those who need this tech applied to salvage them in their communities. It all ties together, starting with book one.
Stan Gersson: How reading the Basics helped him Disseminate


Greg Winteregg: How the Science of Survival Basics Course helped him in business, and with dissemination of the tech.


Jack Airey: His story of coming back on the Bridge after over 20 years.


Roosevelt Harris: His story of his first 3 days in Scientology, and his first contact with the subject via the Problems of Work.

William DuBois gives his win on The Problems of Work, Patrick Renna talks about his immense wins on the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and long-time FSM Mitch Talevi talks about his immense wins on studying the Basics, after having disseminated Scientology for over 20 years.


Congress Success Video:  For anyone who has the Basics, they also then need the LRH Congresses to study in sequence per the Materials Guide Chart.  This video gives wins from over 20 different Scientologists regarding their successes with studying the LRH Congresses.

Rodgers Simbanda:  His amazing success from studying all of the Basisc book & lecture courses, and what it has meant for him in terms of Clearing his home country of Zimbabwe.


5 Responses

  1. I can not get the links above to work. The video screen comes on but the circle just spins round and round. The orange bar which shows how much of the video has been downloaded does not move.

    When I go to the main Basics site however and click on Video Successes and select the video, the videos play fine. There must be something wrong with these links.

  2. Hi,

    I just watched the videos and that made go up the tone scale and helped me on my dissemination!!!
    Tks for doing those videos and keep on creating more!!


    Katia Bias

  3. please send me information


  4. Hi folks
    Paul Fetch here.
    An easy way to disseminate success videos, just PM me on YouTube and I will be happy to host them for you!

  5. I can not also get the links above to work. The video screen comes on but nothing happens

    I have made a summary of the program on the following wiki page:

    Check it out

    You can also do the same for you by creating an account then copy and paste and change the links with the IDs

    Best, J-P

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