How to Create Links to the Basics Website Using Your Affiliate Code

This document gives the basic hat for how to make links to the Basics website using your affiliate code.   Though we will be developing tools to make this link-building process easier for you, the following gives you the basic data on how the system works so you can send links to friends via e-mail, or put links onto your own website.


The first thing you need to do before proceeding is to sign in to the Affiliate Program site, and create an Affiliate ID.  You can have as many Affiliate ID’s as you want, which you can use for different purposes.

Let’s say you are FSM “Bob Jones”, and you have a field group called “Keokuk Life Improvement”.  You may then want to have 2 Affiliate ID’s, one as BobJones and one as KeokukLifeImprovement


Once you’ve created your affiliate ID, a personal web page will be activated at  For the above Affiliate ID’s, pages would then be created called:


These pages list the major packages which are being offered by Bridge Publications and New Era Publications on the Basics, and has links to the other available content on the Golden Age of Knowledge website.

So, the easiest way to send a link to someone to purchase off of the Basics website is to simply tell them to go to your Personal Affiliate page.


Let’s say that you have talked to someone interested in getting his first book in Scientology, and you want to send him to get his copy of the book The Problems of Work.   This book is detailed on the Basics website at this address:

However, if you want to send him to this address using your Affiliate ID, so that you can get credit for and be informed when he obtains the book, you add a special referral code onto the end of the address.

For the above fictitious FSM, with an Affiliate ID of “BobJones”, you would add a referral code on to the website address as follows:


14 Responses

  1. I find the introduction and setup procedures very confusing. I suggest it is as simple as a log-on and then one goes directly to their profile as in My-Space or Hi-5 etc. I got very confused.

  2. The url does not seem to be working. It brings up a search page with inappropriate links.


  3. The link is working great now, thanks!

  4. I was expecting some code to copy/paste into a links list on my blog. Are you saying that I need to create links for each book? I’m using blogger and they are all about filling in widgets now rather than adding code.

    Could I see an example of what the link to Bridge looks like on someone’s blog to get more mass?

  5. My affiliate web page links to New Era Publications. I want to email the link to someone who lives in California to buy Handbook for Preclears paperback edition. I live near Flag, and would rather have the U.S. sales done from the FSO bookstore.
    1) Please send me a complete link to my affiliate page with FSO to one specific book, in this case Handbook for Preclears, as sample. I will then use your sample to change the book code that you provide here.
    2) Do the same with Bridge and with NEP.
    I can then use the appropriate link according to the location of the book buyer and send him to site of the specific book I suggest.

  6. We have a relatively new dianetics group in Ithaca, NY, and we are offering book one auditing to anyone interested in the area. We have two book one trained auditors. The above email address is our main contact, and we are developing a website that we would like to cross link with this website. I am sending you this email to establish a comline. Thanks.

  7. I thought this information was very helpful. At first I couldn’t understand it but as I read on and looked at the examples I got It.
    Thank You
    And Thank You for allowing me to market the product.

  8. I will add the products to my web site.

  9. Guys!…. Bravo!… Bravo!… Bravo!

    I don’t know that I could wait any longer to have an online FSM program set up like this. This is absolutely awesome.

    I am very savvy marketing online… and I must say that the link system that you have put in place was well thought out so as to allow FSM’s from ANYWHERE to sell ANYTHING to ANYBODY ANYWHERE from ANY ORG!…. Incredible.

    I’m looking forward to marking as much LRH stuff as I can.

    Being a seasoned online market, I would only offer this one suggestion for the benefit of newbies who are just beginning to market online.

    While I can see that the link system was well thought out and thorough, I can see where a newbie would get confused with what Affiliate ID to create and to use where.

    I was only able to figure it out because of my slight familiarity with setting up affiliate accounts elsewhere.

    It might benefit newbies more for the instructions to be more simple. i.e. there could be a affiliate link wizard of sort that asks the FSM/Affiliate a series of questions about how/what he wants to sell from what org… at the end of the wizard, the exact link/banner/etc. is created for his cut and paste use in any media.

    Hope this helps!

    But, overall, this Affiliate program is SLAMMIN’… it absolutely ROCKS!!! … I’m setting up my blog as we speak.

    You’ll hear from me soon.

    Thank you so much!

    Mucho ARC!

  10. That’s correct… NY-F is in the house!

    Cool. Thank you. That is helpful. I will use it for the Dianetics Book for all selectees for the NY area.

  11. Hey Turbotad,

    FYI… I clcked on

    But, it’s not working. Please fix. I’m adding this very link to my blogs. But, want to be sure that it is working first.


  12. I have signed up and created my affiliate ID.

    I went to the address of this which is and I get an page error message:

    [Resin® Default Home Page
    This is the default page for the Resin web server.

    The Resin documentation is normally found with the url, but it does not appear to be installed at that location.]

    Why can’t I see my affiliate linking to the appropriate publications? Please help.

    Clive Ettia – Perth WAUS

  13. Thanks guys, I finally found how that works! I just started using this tools to disseminate. It’s great!

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