How to Create an Add-to-cart link

image One of the main things you may want to do, if you are making your own shopping page, bookstore, or if you have a blog which advertises books, is to make a page that adds a specific product to the user’s shopping cart.

For example, let’s say, in a blog post or forum post, you made mention of Dianetics, and wanted to say, “…Dianetics saved my life. You should get your copy here.” In this case “here” immediately adds the English Dianetics book to the user’s shopping cart, complete with referral information to tell the Basics website that the order was referred by you.

Here’s how to create such a link. The above address used to add a Dianetics Book to your shopping cart is:

  • You’ll notice that the first part of the address is an FSM address. In this case you would replace “” with your own FSM id, such as “” or whatever your Affiliate ID is.
  • The next portion of the address is /store/cart/addtocart.html which is the page on the site that adds an item or items to the shopping cart.
  • The next portion of the address, dmsmh-2007.en.hc is the product code for the DMSMH hardback book in English.

Adding items from other languages:

If you want to add an item offered in a different language, i.e. a Danish hardcover Dianetics book, you would replace the “en” in the product code above with the standard language code for the language in question. The language codes in use by the Basics website are:

  • en — English
  • da — Danish
  • de — German
  • el — Greek
  • es — Latin American Spanish
  • es_ES — Castillian Spanish
  • fr — French
  • he — Hebrew
  • hu — Hungarian
  • it — Italian
  • ja — Japanese
  • nl — Dutch
  • no — Norwegian
  • pt — Portuguese
  • ru — Russian
  • sv — Swedish

So, to add a Castillian Spanish hardcover Dianetics book, you would use the following link:

For a list of product codes, see this post on the list of Scientology & Dianetics Book Product Codes.


One Response

  1. I think there should be a correction on the above for the link to a Castillian Spanish hardcover Dianetics book. Notice the difference in ending. Isn’t it?

    es_ES ā€” Castillian Spanish

    es ā€” Latin American Spanish

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